About Me


Sunshine, Mascara, Coffee & Diet Coke…these are a few of my favorite things. I love birds and Bibles and being a mom to two fabulous young men that are the light of my life.  My faith journey has been slow, but as I look back, God’s grace and mercy are intricately woven into the tapestry of my story. 


My journey to 50 has not been easy or pretty.  It has been hard fought and full of God’s grace.  As I look back, I can tell you God was with me the whole way, it sometimes didn’t feel like it, but He was right there with me.  God has shown me that self-worth is found in and through community.  He has shown me that serving in the community and building a strong community around myself is where the healing happens.


My crowning achievement in my life is and will always be being a mom.  I am the proud mom of two teenage boys.  Chance, 19 and Bennett, 16.  I am indescribable proud of these two human gems.  While they are vastly different in personality, they are similarly rooted in goodness.


I am a native Texan and Dallasite.  I graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University, and work in non-profit accounting for a small private Christian college in Dallas. 


While being a mom is what I am most proud of, my second love is mission work.  I love mission work and feel most at home there.  Maybe that is why my dream is to be in the mission field full-time once I become an empty nester. Until then, I like to fill my free time working with incarcerated youth and going on short-term mission trips and mentoring young adults and youth.  My latest travels have taken me to Rio Bravo, Mexico and San Raymundo, Guatemala and San Jose, Costa Rica. 


I hope that I can encourage you to step out in courage.  I hope to motivate you to take big courageous steps to try new things and meet new people.  All the while courageously grow your relationship with Christ, find your purpose and your passion and building a strong faith community of support.  Together we can join forces with a sense of urgency to spread the love of Jesus Christ.  There is no better time to ask God to direct our paths and make difference in our lives and others than right now.